About Us

Project Archer is comprised of seasoned Videogame, VR and AR industry professionals:

Meet The Team

Jordan Weisman

CEO. Lives for designing interactive social experiences, playing games, and Dawne (list not in order of importance).

Dawne Weisman

Chief Creative. Has a passion to make everything beautiful and functional (except Jordan, which she gave up on long ago). 

Joe DiNunzio

As CFO, Joe DiNunzio guides Archer8’s financial and strategic operations.

Holly Hirzel

Principal Product Manager. Distills the dream and makes it happen.

Jory Macdonald

Principal Biz Dev. Jack of all trades, master of some. Enabling engineers and creators to do what they do best.

Matt Scott

Engineering. Passionate about game design and interactive experiences.

Andy Yoder

Engineering. Loves making tools that enable creators to build awesomeness.

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