Project Archer is comprised of seasoned Videogame, VR and AR industry professionals.


Bekah Hamilton

Project Manager

Slightly addicted to the chaos of development and my love for creating order to help the team be the best they can be.


Yufang Huang

Research Engineer

Always excited to explore new technologies to make our lives easier and colorful.


Huseyin Koyun

Software Architect

I am passionate about building distributed, scalable and robust cloud applications for millions of customers in order to provide helpful magic to make their lives more fun and enjoyable in their daily lives.


Kelley Kilanski

Lead Conversational UX Designer

Passionate about designing interactive communicative experiences with an understanding that conversation at its core is multi-modal and multi-sensory.


David Jia

Lead Backend Engineer

Passionate about building cloud computing serving millions of users


Michael Vaz

Lead Software Engineer

Born in the USSR. Studied computer since in Belarus. Continued as software engineer. Enjoying building Web applications now.


Imran Arshad

Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer

Always excited to work on projects which make a positive impact on customer lives.


Sid Naik

Technical Artist

Is a storyteller-in-training. Loves the learning process. Excited for the future of tech, art, and social experience.


Emmanuel Athans

Lead UX Manager

I love solving problems and crafting beautiful experiences. Also really good at breaking stuff.


Adam Schaeffer

Software Engineer, Core Tech

Chronic game developer with 20+ years building everything from MMOs to casual mobile games to interactive tables.


James Irei

Unity Engineer

Loves pushing the limits of mixed and augmented reality. Can be found in making a mess in the garden when not coding.


Colleen McMarlow

Visual Designer

Colleen likes drawing, learning new things and new technology.


Stephen Shih

Engineering Director

Director of Cloud platform, where science and engineering meets the real world.


Adam Crockett

Senior 3D Artist

Adam is a 2d/3d artist/animator that's worked in the game industry for over 20 years. Sometimes he plays music and is both a dog and a cat person.


Morgan Blair

UX/UI Designer

Morgan is a UX designer who is always excited to try something new. When he isn’t working from home, you’ll find Morgan at home.


Linda Li

Backend Data Engineer

Data analyst turned data scientist turned data engineer who likes startups, working on infrastructure, and believes tech should be approachable for all. When not on a computer, likes to be outside.


Charles Porter

Senior Project Manager

Software development can be an overwhelming, chaotic storm. I’ll be in the eye of the storm, tamping down on the chaos, enabling practical solutions to intractable problems, and keeping things merely ‘whelming’.


Aishwarya Anand

Senior Software Engineer

Always excited to explore and learn cutting-edge technology to build high quality product.


Rocne Scribner

Software Development Engineer in Test

My name is pronounced "Rock-Knee." I'm engineer from Oregon excited to strike fear into the hearts of bugs. As a software test engineer, I help deliver high quality products with confidence.


Melody She

Quality Assurance Engineer

Detailed oriented person who is passionate with quality.


Damien Murphy

Senior Software Test Engineer

I've been involved in QA most of my career and really enjoy working on cutting edge products and I have a deep desire to make things "right" for the customer.


Astrini Sie

Backend Engineer

Determined to enhance our daily experience and create the future of human interaction with machine learning and wearable devices.


Mike Everett

Senior Unity Engineer

Engineering. Dedicated to connecting the digital dots for artists.


Lorena Dominguez

UI Graphic Designer

UI designer who enjoys creating the extraordinary! Lover of all things turquoise.


Maria Kalam

Director, QA

Passionate about finding defects and launching a perfect product that provides the best customer experience. Love to work on cutting edge amazing products with smart people and be the first in the industry.


Toby Gladwell

Engineering Director

Loves to craft magical interactive experiences.


Cody Durant

Senior Animator

Professional artist, Amateur human.


Troy Hoddick

AR Industry Analyst

Reports on new technology. Enjoys trying out gadgets and figuring out how they work.


Jennifer Mendez

3D Artist

Jennifer is a 3D artist, animator, you name it. She mostly enjoy creating 3D animation and stylized environments.


William Sokol Erhard

Senior Unity Engineer

I take existing tech or ideas and find a completely new combination or context in which to use them.


Tom Young

IT Engineer

IT engineer with a passion for learning new things. On a constant quest for self improvement


Ruslan Dzhabbarov

Senior Backend Engineer-Cloud & Data Team

Passioned about learning new things, cloud, coding and solving hard problems


Chetan Punekar

Senior Backend Engineer

Passionate about exploring and learning new technologies in computer science domain.


Liming Ren

Senior SDET

Joining Project Archer fulfills my dream of working for a cutting-edge startup.
I have a passion for developing, testing, and debugging software. Additionally, I love keeping up with the latest and best technology. Outside of work, I like exercising and reading history and anthropology books


Scott Mathews

Build Manager (Tools Engineer)

Passionate about developing high quality products, primarily by taking a multi-disciplinary role in order to approach development of a product from all angles from project planning to tools engineering.


Miranda Koulogeorge

Technical Production Artist

Miranda is a technical artist who is always up for a new challenge.


Sam Baker

Senior Unity Engineer

Generalist, all-around developer, 2D and 3D, assembly language to TypeScript. Seattle resident, New Orleans tourist.


Jamie Fournier

Office Administrator

I'm here to have fun and take names! If you need help, I'm your man. Think of me as your genie, you have 3 wishes! (no, wishing for more wishes).


Andrea Lima

Technical Program Manager

Technical Program Manager (aka TPM). Loves unblocking her team so they can keep smiling.


Kelvin Terry

3D Artist

3D Artist/Character Artist with a passion for breathing life into art and characters


Dave McCoy

3D Art Lead

Has been tricking computers into drawing cool pictures for him since before it was cool.


Pohao Chang

Engineering Director

Finds delight in designing methods and cutting code to observe, analyze and reason social interaction online and offline


Krista Ahlgrim

Director of People Operations

Passion for people and creating something out of nothing. Her entire career has been in Startups, and helping build amazing teams.